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Many of the online users are quite familiar with the product ‘The Amazon Kindle Fire’. As per the claims of the specifications of the product and also according to the advertisements done by them, the product is supposed to provide its work for an approximate time period of 30 hours or so, one a complete charge is done on the product. However, just as it is the matter with most of the other products, the real-life working is much different and disappointing than it looks like. As it can happen with any other gadget, the Amazon Kindle Fire does have its own defects and downsides too.

However, the real problem is not the difference between the actual performance and the specified capacity. The main issue that has come up with this product is that the charging is not happening at all like it is supposed to be. Yes, that’s absolutely true!  There have been multiple reports about this particular product and they are all about how the Amazon Kindle Fire has frozen while charging, how it is no longer turning on after getting fully charged, or how it is not charging at all. The Amazon Kindle Fire is currently undergoing this complaint and they are doing all they can to fix this defect of the charging port. Unless sorted out, the handy device may just become useless right in front of your eyes.

Kindle fire is not holding a charge

As usual, an electronic device without a fully functioning charging port is more or less useless in the hands of the common user. If the charge does not stay in the device, or if the device cannot be charged again by any means, then sooner or later the battery will get drained depending upon the use, and the device will not work again without charging. Even though this is not the problem or fault of the Amazon Kindle Fire, it has been caused mainly due to a technical issue. This has resulted in improper micro soldering that has been done on the motherboard of the Amazon Kindle Fire. This is a highly frustrating experience for the customers and so far Amazon has done nothing to sort this out, much to the disappointment of its loyal fans.

Also, a lot of customers and users have a habit of using the Amazon Kindle Fire while it is charging and plugged in. Do you think it is completely okay to do so? According to the experts, each and every time the product is being moved in charging and plugged in the state, and it is causing more and more damage to the charging port. Also, when the charger is put in an upside-down position, the chances of damaging the charging port increases manifold. So users are advised to avoid such scenarios at any cost.

Kindle accessing problem

Apart from this charging problem, people are also facing problems regarding the accessibility of the Amazon Kindle Fire. As per the reports, there has been a lot of Kindle accessing problem as faced by the users. Many users have also been reporting that other problems are also persisting in this device, problems like the Kindle downloading error and the music not working in the Kindle app and so on. As a result, the users have a lot of complaints regarding the issues of the Amazon Kindle Fire and are looking for solutions.

Kindle tech support phone number

In the case that you are facing these same types of problems or getting the problems regarding the faulty charging port, you should definitely go for a hard reset of the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Here are a few things that you can do in such situations-

  1. Firstly, go for the original micro USB cable and the power adapter at all costs. You cannot expect a fully optimized performance without the usage of genuine products.
  2. See to it that the connection of the micro USB cable and the Amazon Kindle Fire with the power adapter is done properly.
  3. You should always charge your device for at least a time period of 30 minutes before performing the hard reset.
  4. After charging sufficiently, start the hard reset process by pressing and holding down the power button for an approximate 20 seconds duration before releasing it.
  5. After the device has turned off completely, press the power button for a long duration to restart the device.

If this is of no use, then you can always try to charge the device a little while longer and attempt the hard reset one more time. Even after that if the problems persist, you are advised to contact us at Amazon Kindle support through our toll-free Kindle tech support phone number +1-877-781-0144.

Our experts are skilled and experienced to help you with the problem your device is suffering from, irrespective of form or model.

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