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Kindle is very much applauded and loved by readers and book lovers. This small device from Amazon has already initiated a new trend of e-books.     

But there are some glitches and unfortunate situations that ruin the reading experience. The most common complaints are about Kindle Slow or Frozen Screen issues and kindle restart issues.

 Let us check about the symptoms of  Kindle frozen problem.

  • You are unable to scroll down a page of an ebook in your Kindle device.
  • You see a white screen if you are trying to open a purchased book or your favourite list.
  • You can’t see any of your contents in the favourite content section. In other words, you cannot view your saved contents.
  • The device has become slower and is taking a long time to get started.

All of these situations indicate that your Kindle device has developed a frozen screen.

What are the causes of the Kindle Slow or Frozen Screen issues?

There can be different factors that cause this problem. The main causes are-

  • Corrupted files, viruses and malware

A virus is often the culprit which destroys an electronic device. Viruses come with any type of corrupted files in your device. Then, this malware causes serious damage in the operating system of your PC or device. Kindle fire installs and saves purchased file in its storage Hence, this device is also prone to virus and malware attacks. These viruses are one of the main causes of the frozen display symptom.

  • Low Battery

Kindle fireworks with its battery. The battery power is crucial here. A good percentage of battery power ensures that your device works smoothly and allows you to have a great reading experience. But we often ignore this point. So, we continue to read even if the battery is low. The low battery makes the Fire device to lose its efficiency. You will get frequent frozen displays if you use it with low battery. Therefore, it is necessary to charge your Kindle device after regular intervals.

  • Unclean touch screen

If your touch screen is dirty the sensors cant work properly. This often leads to frozen screen problems.

  • Outdated Version of Kindle Fire

Every electronic device needs updates in time. If your device is outdated and is not running of latest update you have to be careful. Displays of an outdated Kindle Fires often get frozen.

  • unsuited environmental conditions

Environmental factors play a great impact on the smooth running of any Kindle device. Temperature is among those factors. Kindle fire display may get frozen if the temperature is very hot or too cold.

But do not worry. Every problem has solutions. You can easily solve the Kindle Fire screen frozen problem yourself. Just follow the following steps-

Restarting your device-

Restarting your Kindle device often works like magic. If you are experiencing frozen display then press and hold the “Power Button” for 45 seconds. Release it and press again. Your device may start working normally after a restart.

  1. Deleting the Corrupted files-

You need to delete the harmful and corrupted files as soon as possible. Just follow one of these steps after you have logged into your Kindle Fire with your credentials;

  • Step 1:
    • Go to “All Files” menu
    • Click on “My Send-to-Kindle Docs” o view your stored files
    • Delete the selected files
  • Step 2:
    • Search for “Manage your content and devices”
    • Permanently delete the desired files
  •  Never use your Kindle device if it has less than 15% battery. Charge the device regularly to get a seamless experience.
  • Check if your Kindle is downloading anything other than books. These unnecessary files increase the chance of virus attack.
  • Use your Kindle device at a comfortable temperature. We advise you to not to operate your kindle if the weather is too hot or cold.
  • Always update your Kindle device with the latest available software so that it works smoothly.
  • Contacting Amazon Kindle Support  for further support

If you need further assistance feel free to contact Amazon Kindle Support through Kindle tech support phone number. The Kindle tech support phone number is +1-877-781-0144. You will get assistance from expert technical experts through the phone. They are experienced and eager to help you. They will provide you with solutions after listening to your problem in detail. 

We hope that these pieces of information will be helpful to you.

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