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MS Office Support:- Having no sound on your Microsoft Windows 7 PC can put your plans of listening to your favorite music on hold until you fix the problem. Acknowledging this, we have examined two automated Microsoft sound issue troubleshooters in this Microsoft Windows 7 support guide. These troubleshooters can automatically apply the possible fixes and make the sound system work again. Steps in the troubleshooting wizards are self-explanatory.

1. Open your browser and visit the MS Support Center site. Download the Microsoft audio playback troubleshooter, the automated tool to your workstation. Save the file button to save the MS.exe file to your computer. When done, exit the browser window.

2. Make sure that you are logged on as an admin user to your MS Windows 7 PC to run this. Failing to which will not let you run the automated troubleshooter. When prompted, click the I Agree on the checkbox to accept the license user agreement and click the Next button. The troubleshooter will go checking for difficulties.

3. The troubleshooter will go diagnosing for the common sound problems in your Microsoft Windows 7 computer and automatically fix them if you picked the first option. If selected the second option, the troubleshooter will show the query and let you fix the problem by giving you the option.

4.  If the troubleshooting has finished, click the Yes, the query has been fixed key and click the Submit switch. Exit the troubleshooter window. If the query has not been fixed, continue with the troubleshooting. Update the drives of your sound card. If the troubleshooter doesn’t detect any issues with Microsoft Windows 7 settings, you can run a hardware and device troubleshooter to verify whether the problem lies with your sound card or speakers.

5. Save the file to your computer like you did in the first step and run the tool as you did in the second step. When done, follow the instructions and let the troubleshooter diagnose your Microsoft Windows 7 computer for the potential hardware difficulties.

6. The troubleshooter detects a faulty sound card or speaker, replace it. When done, exit the troubleshooter window. If anyone of the troubleshooters or both of them fail to resolve sound problems in your computer after having applied the possible fixes, you can contact MS Office Technical Support.

You just need to give a call on our MS office Customer Support Number +1-877-781-0144 to get immediate access to our online remote tech support.

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