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The Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the most wanted and most successful products in the market that is being used by a lot of people globally. The demand for the device is gradually increasing as more and more people are getting the interest to have it. The reasons are not really surprising; it is hard to get such a solid and powerful device in such a short price range comparatively after all. However, even after all this, no device is perfectly made up and the Amazon Kindle Fire is not an exception.

One such thing about the Kindle that has always been pointed out by the users is how the network connectivity options are quite limited. Needless to say, the device needs an internet connection to do many of its workings. However, the only way an internet connection can be set up in the device is by setting up a Wi-Fi. The option of setting up a connection with the internet is also not an option. Therefore, setting up a Wi-Fi is currently the only way to access the internet in that device.

Kindle Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Obviously, the problem comes when a user faces the problems of Wi-Fi connectivity issues with the Kindle. Clearly, the internet is required for obvious reasons and with the Wi-Fi not connecting properly, the device almost loses a lot of its potential. Over and over, the users have reported that the Kindle is not connecting to wireless network or the Kindle Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi. Even after repeatedly trying, the problem is not getting solved again.

This can be really frustrating for any Kindle user out there. Even, users have pointed out that Kindle not connecting to home network is also a persisting problem. Even though the problem is common, there can be various causes and types of it. Some of the problems can be resolved by following a few simple steps but the details of it are provided below too.


  • The device can be restarted – one of the very basic things that can be done in such conditions is to switch off the device. This can be done by long pressing the power button for about 6 seconds. After the device gets switched off completely, one can turn it on again. The Wi-Fi can be tried to connect again.
  • Resetting the Router – another way to tackle the connectivity problem is by resetting the router. A lot of things can be done in this purpose. For example, one can modify the IP address of the router. The IP address can be changed as well, from DHCP to the static IP address. After the DHCP records on the router are cleaned, it can be easily done. Changing the IP address and resetting the router can often fix the Wi-Fi connectivity problem.
  • Restoring the Factory Settings – one of the fundamental solutions provided for correcting the WiFi connectivity is restoring the Factory Settings. Most of the issues that happen in a device come up due to some kinds of problems arising in any kind of setting in the device that either gets changed or corrupted due to external reasons. Restoring the Factory Settings means that the device will revert back to its original settings and it is most likely to solve the problem.
  • Updating the system software – the Amazon Kindle Fire has been using a new type of software recently. The ones who have not updated to it yet are advised to do such manually as it will most likely solve this Wi-Fi connectivity issue.

Kindle tech support phone number

If it so happens that none of the procedures works, then it is most likely that users won’t be able to solve it rather than on their own. In that case, it is best to call in profession tech support. The Amazon Kindle support is available and the professionals will solve the problem in a quick and hassle-free manner.

With the Wi-Fi connectivity issues persisting, one can contact the Amazon Kindle Support through the Kindle tech support phone number: –+1-877-781-0144. So, with the help of the professional tech support of the Amazon Kindle Fire device, one can last rest assured that their problem regarding the connectivity of Wi-Fi will be resolved easily.