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Kindle Paperwhite is a favoured device for Kindle lovers. This device gives a paper like feeling and is soothing to the eyes. But Kindle Paperwhite is an electronic device and the users face some unfortunate situations. These unfortunate situations stop the user to read peacefully.

In some cases, the device may become useless for some time. Some of these glitches happen to only new users. We all know that a user needs to log in with your Amazon account in the Kindle Paperwhite device to start reading. If you do not have an Amazon account you have to open an account in Amazon with your credentials.

Unable to Register on Kindle

New users face  Kindle account error while registering in the device for the first time. This problem occurs due to an “Internal error”. Fortunately, only a few new Kindle Paperwhite users face this minor glitch and it can be solved easily.

  • Cause

The main cause which causes these types of  Kindle Signing in issues is a Bug present in the device software. This bug prevents the user from logging in to operate the device.

Here we will discuss how to counter this  Kindle account error issue to get a seamless reading experience.

Solutions to troubleshoot Kindle Signing in issues:-

  1.  Contacting Amazon Support Via chat

You may contact the Amazon Kindle Support through your Kindle Paperwhite device. Amazon support team will connect your Paperwhite device with your Amazon account on your behalf.

Follow these steps to do this-

  1. Go to “Device Info” of the Kindle Paperwhite device.
    1. Note down the Serial Number and  MAC address of your Kindle device.
    1. You may additionally note down the Firmware Version of that device for future reference.
    1. Click “Contact Amazon Support “
    1. Next, Click “Fire and Kindle”
    1. Then click Kindle Device
    1. Now, select “I need help registering my Kindle”
    1. After this select “Chat’
    1. Write your message in the following format in the chat box;

Hello Amazon,

I cannot register my Kindle Device due to a pop-up message saying “Internal Error”. (If you do not have an Amazon account; write I have purchased this Kindle Paperwhite device with the help from my friend.). My MAC address is XX:XX:XX:XX:XX: XX  and the device Serial number is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

  • After this provide any verification information from your Amazon account. Your debit card information will be needed here.
    • You will get help from the Chat executive after some time.
  • Contacting Amazon Via phone number

If you want you may ask for support via the Kindle tech support phone number from your phone. The number is +1-877-781-0144.  You will be attended by any available expert executive through this Kindle tech support phone number.  They will listen to your problem thoroughly and offer you solutions.

We hope that this article will be helpful to those new users who have problems while signing in to their Kindle Paperwhite device. Happy reading to you!

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